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Instruments: PC, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass
First Instrument: 1986 (Piano)
First Band: 1994
Computer since: 2000
Bands: Das blaue Zimmer, Schmerzverstärker
Former Bands:
A-WA, Skarabäus, Junkanoo, Out of the Blue, Bis einer heult
Influences: Ludwig van Beethoven, Arvo Pärt, Charles Mingus, Henry Mancini, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Studio Braun, Tom Waits, Roots Manuva, Squarepusher, Mr. Bungle, Primus, dEUS, Kyuss, Carcass and many more...


25.12.2018 Y-Files song

21.10.2018 K-House song

19.09.2018 calm song

13.04.2018 massbassage song

12.02.2018 More videos of my last accoustic gig online.
"Aufstehn", "Bumerangs", "Kreuzen"
I also made a playlist of all available recordings of this gig:
Accoustic playlist on youtube

06.02.2018 Videos of my last accoustic gig online "Warten auf Bodo", "Phönix aus dem Wasser", "Carolin ohne e", "The art of being an artist"

17.12.2017 melodic song

11.12.2017 Cybercyber song

13.11.2017 schnipp hop song

02.10.2017 Danny Dilemma has posted a photo of the last Das blaue Zimmer gig

03.08.2017 deep and dark song

11.06.2017 rock'n'house song

02.06.2017 acid house song

20.02.2017 rough house song

03.02.2017 constructive house

11.01.2017 new design

24.09.2016 rock'n'house song

02.08.2016 ambient song

24.07.2016 controller mapping and effects concept working! The live electronic jam machine is complete!

26.06.2016 moving house song

12.05.2016 electronic song

01.05.2016 melodic house song

23.03.2016 groovy house song

16.02.2016 new design ;)

15.01.2016 weird house song

12.01.2016 Currently preparing the Das blaues Zimmer debut Album


[~] 04.02.2018 Art&Antik Stuttgart

[#][°] 01.12.2017 Karls Vorstadt (Stuttgart)

[#] 28.04.2017, 22.00 Karls Vorstadt (Stuttgart)

[~][#] 09.07.2016 "Lärm des Sommers" (Rudersberg)

[#] 02.08.2015 Zollamt (Stuttgart)

[#] 30.07.2015 1. Stock (Stuttgart)

[#] 05.05.2013 Premiere at Freies Radio für Stuttgart

[#] = House-Liveset
[~] = Guitar & Vocals
[°] = DJ set

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